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潔膚冰河泥  Purifying Mud Mask / 150gm


Angel Spirit. Its advanced biochemical whitening functions give skin cells limitless youth. With healthy cells, and well functioning skin metabolism, one can have glowing and beautiful skin.

Our profession in biochemical skin care products have passed and been testified by high tech experiments and clinical tests. Successfully combine multiple biochemical whitening ingredients to different kinds of products. Our breakthrough technology to bring forth magical biochemical co-functioning process by using advanced Bio-White, ATC, CERAMIDE, and multiple moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, placental extract, extract of Ginseng, rose, aloe vera, Licorice etc.) to multiply the whitening and moisturizing effects, and give skin cells boundless youth.

Our high effective, multiple whitening & moisturizing essences can revitalize cells in a timely manner, increase cells' vitality, help skin's metabolism, enhances skin's natural healing and moisture level, and upgrade skins textures and elasticity, improve skin and restore its natural glow, and show youthfulness.

Products Advantages:
1. Mild Acid: Close to natural skin's PH level, which will not do any harm to the
    sensitive Hydrolipidic film, thus to prevent problem skins.
2. Ventilation: Do not interfere with skin's natural breath, to maintain its healthy function
3. Oil free and freshness: Refreshes and oil free. Let skin feel soft and fresh.
4. Fragrance free: Smells great with its natural ingredients, mild and non-irritative.
5. Easy to use: Suitable for all seasons and all skin types.
6. Unique multiple compounds formula: highly improve skins hydra level, and doubles
    skin whitening effect. 


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