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BMT: Bottle Acrylic Round


The stylish cosmetics lotion bottles. Elegantly designed for high-end skin care line. This series utilizes innovative PET inner bottle for best result as PET has higher chemical resistance than PETG which is mostly used in industry. 
The bottle can be decorated in variety ways including internal spray painting, anodizing, frosting, injection coloring, and external silk screen printing & hot stamping or labeling. 
MOQ: 3000PCS. Allow combined items. 
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Shape Material
Cylinder Round Acrylic / PET Inner / Aluminum Collar
Item No. Volume/ml Size/mm
BMT-15/20/30 15, 20 or 30 H126 x Ø38
BMT-30/50 30 or 50 H143 x Ø38
BMT-60 60 H172 x Ø38
BMT-100/120 100 or 120 H182 x Ø51