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BPO: Bottle Snowy PP Oval
JPO: Jar Snowy PP Oval

Thick Frosted PP material with lovely oval design is good for youth skin care line. An economical option to shine your products. 

MOQ: 3000PCS. Allow combined items. 

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Shape Material
Oval PP Bottle & Cap, Aluminum Collar
Item No. Volume/ml Size/mm
BPO-15 15 H113 x L36.5 x W31
BPO-30 30 H152.5 x L36.5 x W31
BPO-120 120 H169.5 x L57 x W45
JPO-15 15 H39 x L59.5 x W67.5
JPO-30 30 H46 x L59.5 x W67.5
JPO-50 50 H53.5 x L66.5 x W74